Lutron Caseta Pico Remotes

I’m looking some clarification on the Lutron Caseta component and the pico remotes. If I understand correctly, the built-in component for Lutron Caseta DOES NOT support the pico remotes. Is that correct?

Looking though some older posts, it seems that there are 1 or 2 custom components that do support the pico remotes, but they only work for PRO model bridges. Is that also the case?

I just got a couple dimmers and a smart bridge (not Pro though) for Christmas, and was really hoping to use the remotes to turn on other devices.

I have the plain smart bridge that I installed two days ago. HA shows the light name, an on/off switch and level.
The level does not work correctly, when I turn it to on or set the level it turns it self back to off.

The level and switch have separate ids.

I don’t see any indication that you can use the remote by itself (but I am still new to this).

I will be installing a 4 way caseta setup (one dimmer and two remotes) tomorrow or Friday.

I will let you know if I discover any revelations on how they work.

Yes, this seems to be the case, and even the Lutron Caseta Component may not work any longer without a SmartBridge Pro version . . . due to Lutron changing some encryption keys, etc. I too am surprised that some custom components work with pico’s but the default component does not . . . very confusing. I’m still trying to sort it out also . . .

I have Wink, but as more and more people seem to keep giving me Lutron stuff for Christmas and birthday I’ll probably end up having to get the pro-hub (which other people have commented on it working well).

Does anyone know if the Wink 2 works with the Pico remotes as an alternative to the Lutron hub?

The encryption key issue seems to have been solved as the standard smartbridge works. I even see pico devices being detected on startup. I haven’t been able to get them to do anything though and they don’t show up as entities. Not sure if that’s me or a limitation of the component. I have a hunch that the change to SSL for encryption made the pico’s available on the standard bridge where as before they were only available via telnet which only the pro supported.

This is encouraging news. I don’t have the skills or knowledge to do anything with this, but I hope someone else does. I would definitely be willing to help test.

I’m quite busy but when I get a chance I’ll take a shot at making a sensors/ to see if the pico’s show up. On the non pro bridge it was never possible before so it wasn’t created with the switch and light components. The pro components had specific handling of the pico’s as sensors which is why they worked. I’ve never made a HA component though so it may take me awhile to figure out.

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I just started toying with adding Pico support to the official HASS Caseta component and have made some decent progress. I’ll try to get something functional in a pull request by the end of the weekend!

So, with the existing HASS component and Python Lutron library, it’s simple to make the sensors show up within HASS device list.

The problem is that the Python Lutron library in use doesn’t listen for events coming directly from a pico remote (It only handles events assigned to a zone … i.e. a physical light switch). So it’s impossible to catch Pico button presses in Home Assistant right now.

I believe this library needs extended a bit so that it can pass those Pico events on to HASS

I thought I had read somewhere (probably another post by you) that you could intercept the pico controls. Is that only if you have a pro hub? Or did I totally misread the other post?

Ah, yes it was you: Lutron Pico configuration example