Lutron Caseta?

Are there any plugins that allow control of Lutron Caseta devices? I saw that a HomeSeer plugin is available and some other work arounds, but wasn’t sure about Home Assistant. Thanks.

Working on it. I am having an awful time figuring out the home assistant software helper functions. No problems talking to Lutron Caseta dimmer and pico remote.

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@markeby, is that through a Lutron bridge? Or direct to the switches/remotes?

The only way to do this is with a Caseta Pro hub. I got mine a short while ago on Amazon for under $100. The radio and radio protocol is not published that I know of.

I will publish my progress here: Lutron Bridge

There’s a working plugin for Vera - could that source code be of use? Seems they also have it working with both the pro and non-pro hubs, just different levels of functionality.,35577.0.html

Also, it seems like this Lutron protocol documentation works similar with Caseta:

I thought Smart Things hub also supported Lutron …

Don’t think so. I’ve seen support on HomeSeer, Vera, Wink, Simple Control, and Control4.

Sorry, I think I was thinking of Leviton!

I have started a developers thread for the Lutron Caseta hub for feedback and suggestions as it is developed.

Any updates on this? I’m researching the best in wall switches, to outfit my house with… And it’s between z-wave and lutron caseta.

But it seems that neither are flushed out and fully working with Home Assistant yet (based on this thread on caseta and this one on Cooper Wiring: Battery-powered Cooper RF9500 Z-Wave switch)?