Lutron Pico physical button not triggering anything

I have various Caseta switches around my house and I have the pro hub. I was previously using the old integration (GitHub - upsert/lutron-caseta-pro: Custom Home Assistant Component for Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO / RA2 Select) and would have to manually put in information in the config.yaml and upload a new integration report JSON file on every hardware update. When trying to add new hardware recently, it didn’t recognize it. I switched to the new integration (Lutron Caséta - Home Assistant) and it seemed to recognize everything. The problem is, it isn’t working well with my pico remotes.

I have one Pico 5 button remote that controls Caseta switches and a random smart switch. I used the blueprint to make an automation and it works fine.

I have one Pico 5 button that just controls lights via a Kasa smart switch. I see it in HA, and if I hit “press”, the automation works, but if I press the actual Pico button nothing happens.

I have a Pico 2 button that controls just one Kasa switch. Same thing as above, if I hit “press” in HA things work, but pressing the physical button doesn’t do anything.

It seems like for this integration, the Pico’s can’t be used solely as a remote, and they only work when also paired to a Caseta switch. But I feel like this probably isn’t the case. Am I doing something wrong here? Anything to troubleshoot?


Well changing the automation from monitoring “state” to setting the pico remote as a “device” and choosing options from the dropdown fixed it. Blueprint doesn’t seem to be working but I can just do things manually. Think Im good now.