Lutron Pico remotes


I’m fairly new to using Hass. I have managed to get my lutro pro bridges lights up and connected to hass…awesome! But can I use the spare pico remotes i have to trigger other automation’s? If I add a pico remote to the app but don’t assign it a task, when I send the integration report then it has no buttons mapped. Anyhow , how do I got about using them for say turning off and on my blink security system.


New to HA but I think I understand this.

There is a Lutron bridge and when using the integration for it, you cannot separately see the picos.

There is a Lutron Pro Bridge, which has different features, and there is separate (if I recall contributed not mainline) code for it to use in Home Assistant. That bridge and that software will “see” the picos separately, and you can use a pico that has no (lutron-related) connection to a light to control scenes, lights, etc. through automation.

Note (and it may be something I did wrongly but…). With the non-pro bridge I had been associating picos and lights directly, i.e. where you push and hold buttons on each to tie them together, not through the phone app. That did not work properly at all when I went to the pro bridge, and I had to disassocate and reset everything and start over, and did each association of the pico and the switch through the phone app. Having done that, and used the pro software, everything has worked flawlessly ever since, and I have added a LOT more switches.

There is a “pro” kit as well with a switch and pico, if I recall, which is the cheapest way to buy them, and shop around, I found a pretty wide variation in price.

Honestly there is so little difference in them I do not know why Lutron pollutes the process by having two. Note there is a “pro” pico also, but that is about physical differences (square buttons, no round middle button), so far as I know those work the same with the bridges and HA.