Lutron Pico with Lutron Caséta integration - No Entities?

Good evening,

I am an entirely new user to Home Assistant and after installing Home Assistant, it apparently detected my Lutron Smart Bridge Pro (L-BDGPRO2-WH) and while my Pico Remotes are detected and added as Devices, there are -0- corresponding entities for them. I am therefore not sure how I would / could use these in any sort of automation… or well… binding the 5 buttons to any sort of light on/off etc actions.

Maybe I am just missing a small piece of experience with HA how to hook these things up but if anyone would have the right hint or information, I’d highly appreciate it!


It is mentioned in the documentation that you can use Pico remote as device triggers.

Below is an example of Pico Remote Blueprint-

I ended up reverting to the legacy integration as a direct result of this. Without entities the usefulness was very limited as the node red implementation of device triggers is still in alpha.

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Was there any solution to this? I see the entities, but all show up as disabled-by-integration. Enabling them allows them to be seen, but they always show an unknown state.

It just doesn’t seem to work – it was fine in the HACS version.

I was able to get this to work by triggering off the events.


Using node-red, i used all events and used event above to listen to…