Lutron RA2 - "The Lutron integration deprecated fan turn off"

Hey all. So for the last few months my HASS system has been firing two repair issues… all they say is “The Lutron integration deprecated fan turn off”. I also get them for turn on.

The problem is no matter how much I search in GitHub issues, code commits, or release notes, I can’t find anything about this. The repair text is pretty unhelpful as it doesn’t say what to change it to. How else are you supposed to turn a fan off? Is the whole fan.turn_off service call going away?

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

it may be odd, but fan.turn_on/off is indeed optional. does fan.set_percentage or fan.decrease_speed/increase_speed with percentage_step 100 still work for you?

It works, I guess I can change my automations to use set_speed. Just seems so random to be deprecating a basic service call.

yeah, agree. but :person_shrugging: