Lutron Radio Ra 2 - Configured / Lights Not Responding & Status Not Reflected

As the title suggests, I connected my RadioRa 2 main repeater to HA using my personal login credentials (not the default ‘lutron/integration’ that appears in the integration window.)

After a few minutes, all my lights and keypads appear, but I am unable to control anything, and the on/off status of actual lights or keypads is not accurately reflected anywhere in HA.

I’m in my office right now, and it says the lights are off (they are not), and if I go toggle them on in hA, they quickly flip back to off, but nothing changes with the lights.

I’ve searched here, but have not had much luck in finding any answers since most people seem to have issues with the initial setup, or being able to customize some things with keypads. I’m hoping it’s some small setting I’ve missed in HA.

Thanks in advance for any help!