Lutron Radio RA 2 vs Z-Wave With HS-WX100+ Devices?

As I’m designing my Home Automation solution, I’m really torn between using Radio RA 2 for my lighting and using HomeSeer’s Z-Wave switches which support a lot of things Lutron used to have tied up in patents.

My mindset for Pro Lutron Radio RA 2 is -

  • It seems to be bulletproof - this stuff was designed to not fail
  • They have some of the nicest looking switches around
  • Hybrid keypads are available
  • Integrates with most controllers
  • Very low maintenance (minimum updates need to the software)
  • Just works for others in the household

For Pro Z-Wave -

  • The cost is much lower (I could do my house 3 times in Z-Wave for the price of RA 2)
  • I might be able to use double/triple taps instead of keypads
  • Somewhat backwards compatible (Lutron could update their solution at any time to RA 3)
  • Training not required
  • I already will have to have some Z-Wave in my household for garage, locks, sprinklers, etc.

Hi :slight_smile:

What did you end up decide on doing? I’m facing the same challenge myself and have basically the same Pro/Cons list. Leaning towards RadioRA2 just due to reliability but would like to know whether the cost is justified vs. other options.


Late reply, but both - I have Radio RA 2 for lighting and shading. I have Z-Wave outlets throughout the house to use as repeaters for Garage Door Openers, Locks, Flood Detectors, Air Quality Detectors, etc.

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