Lutron + relay same circuit

I’m planning on adding a relay switch (brand to be decided) to a circuit with two lights on it. The switch is a Lutron Caseta dimmer which controls both lights simultaneously. I plan on adding a relay directly at the sconce so I can control it independently.

Y’all correct me if I’m wrong here. I should be able to turn both lights on/off and dim via the Lutron. But while the Lutron is off, I should be able to turn the sconce on/off via automation.

This all sound right? Any issues with a Lutron Caseta and relay on the same circuit in this config?

The relay is controlled/powered separately by a different circuit or microcontroller? And you’re just passing the output of the Lutron dimmer through the contacts of the relay to the bulb in the sconce? Yeah that should work fine. The sconce won’t care where it gets the power from as long as it is a compatible voltage for the bulb. Likewise the dimmer won’t care where it is sending power as long as it doesn’t try to draw more than the dimmer is rated for. To clarify though, this will only allow you to have either the overhead and sconce on at the same brightness or just the overhead. There’s no way this circuit will allow you to have just the sconce on. To do that, you need a second power source and a double pole relay with a common terminal and a normally open terminal and a normally closed terminal. Wire the sconce to the common terminal and wire your two power sources to the other two terminals. Now when you activate the relay it will flip between the two power sources.

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Yeah all from the same power source. I figured whatever level the dimmer was at, the sconce and the overhead were going to both be at. That’s the way it is now, so no loss/gain.

I misunderstood how a (for example) Shelly relay works. I thought if the Lutron was in the off position, the circuit would still have power. And if the relay was between the power source and sconce, then I could turn the sconce on itself via the relay.

And as I’m typing this all out, I realized the flaw in my thinking. Thanks for the reply.