Luxembourg Water Meter/ general Water Meter

Hi :slight_smile: I have a question: I’ve successfully integrated the Current and Gas usage, using Slimeleezer + in Luxembourg. Now I want to track water usage, to complete the dashboard. I’ve a device installed here from a Luxembourg community, which is already a smart meter, and is used to read out the water usage by them:

Is there a chance I can read this thing out with HA? Or does someone know a Device I need to install to read out water consumption.

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Good luck with that. In my commune they are using Home automation - which is using a full closed ecosystem by Sontex. Since everything is encrypted and the meter belongs to the commune, not sure we can do much about it.
However, there was a guy designing a DIY solution which looks promising Build a cheap water usage sensor using ESPhome and a proximity sensor - but the question: is it possible to put this over the water meter since there’s already a device over it also capturing the magnetic pulses.

@alexboss For me it would not be possible…device from the commune is blocking here…but I’ve seen another Idea which is very interesting! Someone build it with an arduino and a fow meter: Water flow rate and volume measurement using Arduino in 2020 - Arduino Project Hub

with the mysensors integration, it should work also for home assistant…

Currently I have the folloeing project:

I want to use this: Get Started with Wio Terminal - Seeed Wiki → An arduino based device togehter with a flow meter sensor ike this:

The problem is, that I’ve never worked with arduino, so its gonna be an adventure…

I want to achieve the following:

The WIO Terminal should also get a Gas-Sensor for the Celar, to detect CO-Leckage. Together with that, I want to wire the flow sensor, and pass both data to HA. When certain PPM for the gas sensor are reached, it should beep. All values should be shown in the display. Has anyone worked with Arduino/WIO Terminal? Will my solution be possible?

Nice project, but I wonder if all this arduino ecosystem is required. Maybe the Water Flow Meter / Sensor with an ESPHome would actually be enough, but have no idea how to assemble and configure all this. Would probably require some specific / adapted firmware for ESPHome.

No its not =) ESP32 is sufficient =). Actually I follow this guide! Works pretty well! I’m just with setting up the pressure sensors…

Hi @bf8392 ,

I am following your paths and recently added energy consumption monitoring through Slimeleezer+ and now looking for a water monitoring HA integration.

Did you succeed with your project? Could you please share your experience?