Luxorliving integration?

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Hopefully a very simple on. I was wondering if anyone had any luck integrating Luxorliving into HA? I am about to start a self build and this looks like it could be a good option. I have the opportunity to go hard wired bus system throughout and want to take this. It runs on the KNX protocol, but Luxorliving are saying it cannot communicate outside of the system except with Alexa or Google home. I have heard this from manufacturers before, but it has been done.

Hopefully one of you may have had luck with this. Or can anyone reccommend another BUS system that is available in the UK and can be controlled through HA.

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Hi :wave:!
Seems like Theben is in fact using KNX S-Mode for communication so you should be able to use HAs Knx Integration.
But can’t say for 100% - unless you (or your installer) uses ETS instead of Thebens software to commission the devices - in that case you’d have a “real” KNX system and could freely choose, mix and match KNX certified devices from any of the >400 manufacturers. And of course use any Knx compatible software like HomeAssistant, NodeRed, OpenHAB, Edomi, IP-Symcon or whatever with the system.


Thanks for responding.

I was hoping that the case would be that it would integrate, even though Theben have said it is not likely. To be honest, I am not using an installer as I don’t want to be tied to them and I don’t think I could justify the £1000 fee for the ETS5 software right now. That is why I thought this would be a good start if it did indeed work with HA. I may just give it a go anyway and report back if it works(or even if it doesnt). I guess worst case I could get ETS later if I really had too.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, much appreciated

Sure, please let us know!
Keep in mind that you may get ETS Home or discounted Pro (30-45% very often) for way less than 1000€.

Thanks for that. I must have misread the specs on home, thought that only did up to 20 devices. That could certainly be an option at 350. Whichever way I go it will be a few months though. Will update here if I decide to try the luxorliving route.

Thanks again

20 Devices is ETS lite (that is quite cheap after you did a short online course at

Home is 1 project with up to 64 devices - which is still not much for a bigger installation, but may suffice.

you are being super helpful thank you. It is indeed something I will be looking into now. Working it out I would probably need around 40 devices, so home would be perfect. I think I will sign up for the course and give it a go.
Thanks very much for your advice.

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Also having LuxorLiving myself. Can’t wait for Home Assistant support for it!
I couldn’t make it work with Home Assistant KNX integration yet.

Please check this out. It is possible with the rest api