Lxml error related to multiscrape failures

I’ve been using multiscrape to pull sensor data from local webpages but it broke after recent HA core and os updates to my Raspberry Pi (running HAOS).

I have tracked it down to an lxml installation problem but I’m not sure how to fix it?

The errors include:

Setup failed for custom integration 'multiscrape': Requirements for multiscrape not found: ['lxml==4.9.1'].

Unable to install package lxml==4.9.1: ERROR: Cannot install lxml==4.9.1 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies. ERROR: ResolutionImpossible:

Thanks in advance for any tips on resolving the impossible :wink:

Update multiscrape as it was pinning the requirement in an older version

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Thank you!
That was it indeed, I used HACS to update multiscrape from 6.7.4 to 6.8.1 and that fixed the problem.
I should have figured this out but don’t have much applied via HACS so I’d incorrectly assumed everything was all up to date. Thanks again for pointing me to the simple fix.

I encountered the same problem.

But being a real newby, how do I update multiscrape using HACS?

I guess it should show on the updates available on the settings page?

There it only show to update HA core update, which causes this issue actually.

I think you need to install HACS via: What is HACS and how to use it? - The Home Automation Blog

(Home Assistant Community Store)

I did this and updated Multiscrape and after than HA Core to 2024.2.1.
After that Multiscrape working!

Thanks for the hints.