Lyric Thermostat integration

Very New at this but starting to learn I have a honeywell lyric thermostat and i followed the integration instructions on creatinga developer account and retrieving the key and secret and entered this info in my configuration.yaml then attempted to integrate the thermostat but when it opens the web page to a page that i assume i would be logging in i get the following error

 {"code":401, "message":"Invalid client_id"}  on the webpage

I have confirmed what is in the .yaml file is what was provided by developer app.

any help would be great thank you!!

Guess I’m on my own here?

Suppose I should move on.

I have the same problem … Lyric T6

Were you able to figure it out? @Kim_Ovyn

Have you read through the lyric thread? Probably best to post there, everyone in the thread will get a notification. There are several lyric thermostats, you should supply which one you have as fixes can be different between models.

Same problem here. Has anyone solved this?