M3U Playlists in Media Browser

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I have my local music MP3 files stored locally in /media and can assess & play them just great using the media browser.
However I am struggling with M3U playlists, in that I cannot find the correct resource URL to get it to work.
My folder structure is:


in playlist.m3u I have tried the following:

#EXTINF:123,track name
#EXTINF:123,track name
#EXTINF:123,track name

with no success. Selecting the playlist.m3u just results in the word error showing in the media player.
What I have got to work is copying all the music to www/album and using

#EXTINF:123,track name

but this seems wrong, as I have to copy the music there.
(I did try a symbolic link, but it turn out HA does not support them in www for security reasons).

How should I reference the music, in the /media folder in a M3U playlist?


Have you made any progress? I’m new to HA and just managed to add my NAS music structure to the media browser with nfs. I can play any individual song, but playlists give an error:

2020-12-25 12:49:59 ERROR (Thread-12) [homeassistant.components.cast.media_player] Failed to cast media http://myip:8123/media/music/1Playlists/Christmas.m3u?authSig=[long auth key removed] from internal_url (http://myip:8123).

Please make sure the URL is: Reachable from the cast device and either a publicly resolvable hostname or an IP address.`

I’m not sure how to change the m3u, but I’m not even certain the player is finding the m3u. All of the playlist entries are in the form \\localserver\artist\album\track.mp3. I’m holding off editing the playlist files until I can figure out why it’s reporting the m3u is unreachable.

No, I’ve sadly not made any progress.
I can use the media browser to see the .m3u files, but can’t get them to work.

Same problem here. It ‘want’s’ to play m3u but it does not do anything.
I mainly needed it to loop a song, because i couldn’t get loop/repeat working in player as well.

Right, i think i know where’s the problem, or might be.
I’ve got my audio and m3u file in media folder, so:1
files: samochod.m3u and samochod.mp3 are in media/
My m3u inside is simple:


But when i go to dev tools > states, i’ve got this:

Which asks for location media/local/samochod.m3u, what is incorrect (i think) and is it possible that auth token is generated for wrong path or something? Is that a bug in HA or we all are doing something wrong?

Thanks @fryc88 you pointed me to something
I just started with HA and still struggling to accept that I can’t do a simple task (at least I thought it would be one of the simplest things to do) like streaming my local music to my google home speaker.
And I can’t believe that no one here seams to have a solution?
Well, after your tip to check the dev tools states, I figured that in my log there were 2 error messages with auth problems (even triggering the script ones) and yes the paths did not match with the one from the script.
I am using media-source://media_source/music/song.mp3
After setting it in media_dirs: one of the auth messages disappeared and the file was playing (despite the auth problem!!!) So I am inclined to believe that there are some issues in HA, but since I just started I am no where near to understand what I am doing or what is wrong here

Then I manually linked the /media folder to my music folder and the second auth message was gone. Great.
I still can’t play m3u ? Did you figure out some more ?