M5 Atom Echo Fails After Reboot

Hello all.

I am running HA, and ESPHome in separate docker containers with no issues. When I flash my M5 Atom Echo, everything works (to include wake words) just fine. As soon as I reboot the M5 Atom Echo, the blue light does not come on (like it does after being flashed) and Home Assistant shows “Use Wake Word” as off and greyed out. If I reflash the device with ESPHome, everything is functional again until I reboot the device.

Anyone else have this issue/found a solution?

Thank you

Plug a USB cable into the ESPHome server and see if you can capture anything in the boot logs via serial connection.

This is a great idea, I’ll report back on this. Thank you

Unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary. After reboot, home assistant sees it still but no wake word, it is almost as if the device goes from a voice assistant to a media player upon reboot.