M5Atom Light Config Options


I bought two of these M5 lights to use as notification LEDs for things: ATOM Matrix ESP32 Development Kit | m5stack-store

I found a simple configuration to make it show up in Home Assistant as a light that I can change colors on but I would like to make it flash. Is this possible? Below is the code I found…not sure if I’m missing something to bring the ability to make it flash. It’s also kind of dim…I’m wondering if that can be adjusted with updated code or if that’s just how the light is. This is my first ESP device so I just got all of that installed this morning. Thank you very much for reading this!

Here’s the code I am using:


  name: esphome-web-0dec48

  friendly_name: DoorAlertM5


  board: m5stack-atom


    type: arduino

# Enable logging


# Enable Home Assistant API



    key: "secret key here"



  ssid: TM-IoT

  password: hunter2

  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails


    ssid: "DoorAlertM5"

    password: "DoorAlertM5"



  - platform: gpio # btn

    name: "Timer Button"

    id: button1


      number: 39

      inverted: true


  - platform: neopixelbus

    name: DoorAlertM5

    type: GRB

    variant: WS2812x

    pin: 27

    num_leds: 25

    id: led_matrix_light

    color_correct: [30%, 30%, 30%]

    restore_mode: ALWAYS_OFF

You can add an effects property to your light component: Light Component — ESPHome
The pulse effect should do what you want.
In your Home Assistant automations you can then pass the effect parameter on your light.turn_on service calls to enable a certain effect.

By the way, if you’d like to make more use of the LED Matrix as a display check out Addressable Light — ESPHome

That worked. I also fixed the brightness by removing the color correction in the code above. Thank you!

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