Mac - Z-wave stick or Wink hub 1/2

Hi All - Running HA on a Mac with Sierra, working fine. Was wondering if it’s best to give a Z wave stick a shot or just pick up one of the Wink hubs. I just bought a Schlage Zwave lock, all of my switches and stuff at this point are wifi.

I just don’t see much about a Mac with Zwave out here - I see HA docs say the Aeotec Gen5 works with Mac, but a lot of the mac related posts (or Zwave) are outdated and appear to have issues. Thanks.

I added that X for the Aeotec Gen5 on that page. I have it running perfectly on an xserve running el capitan. It should be much easier now because openzwave is part of the hass package and doesn’t need to be installed/upgraded separately. Also openzwavecontrolpanel (was a bit of a pain to get going) is much less needed now with the addition of many zwave options right into hass.

I can’t say much about the wink hub as I don’t have one, but I wanted to avoid the cloud and any reliance on a third party/internet connection.

If you end up going with the Aeotec let me know if you have any issues with it and I may be able to help.

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Thanks a lot for the reply - I’ll go with the Aeotec. Really helpful info.

I want to jump from the Wink to the Aeotec so please do update us when you get it up and running and any details and issues that you run into. I would greatly appreciate that!