MacBook active status (from mac os app) stuck

During the first few days of use in the new macOS app, the active status sensor has been working great, showing ‘on’ when using the computer, and ‘off’ after a few minutes or right when locked.

Now the status is stuck on ‘on’ for a few days, no matter what the rear status is…

I tried to re install the mac app, and it didnt change. The sensor kept showing ‘on’ even when the app was not installed.

Any ideas?

Guess you’ll have to remove the device from
HA and then reinstall the mac os app.

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Seems like I’ve already had two of them for some reason. Probably happened at some point when installing or re installing the app. Removed the old sensor, changed the name of the new one to the old one, and everything is back to working.

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Thanks for this. with your help I was able to resolve my issues. It was the exact same. There were 2 instances of the sensors.