MacOS app randomly launching itself

I have been using Mac for 25+ years, and been an Apple Consultant for a living for most of that. In all my experience, I have never seen Mac app that is able to launch itself, seemingly randomly throughout the day, no matter how I quit it. I don’t even have “launch at startup” checked in the ha preferences. This is very creepy, so the only way to stop it from happening is delete it. This behavior reminds me of a virus.

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Does it appear as a login item? What version of macOS? Catalyst apps are really weird and the system launches them and its processes in weird ways. Quitting is not necessarily causing the process to quit. But the only way the app can launch itself is via the login item.

as I mentioned, I don’t have launch as startup checked, which means it’s not in login items. I checked both. I’m running the latest versions of HA and macOS. Ventura 13.2.1 on M1 mac mini.

There is now a bug to track this issue: Home Assistant macOS randomly opens on its own · Issue #2394 · home-assistant/iOS · GitHub

It’s still doing this constantly. It’s 100% not in my login items or allow in background. I’ve disbaled Focus access. I’ve also disabled nearly all sensors leaving only battery state, battery level, and storage on. And still it opens every hour or so.