MacOS Companion App crashes

Every time I launch the companion app on my Macbook it crashed.!

CleanShot 2023-10-16 at 15.44.22@2x|411x500

It will only relaunch once I have deleted the file

The file is located in Library/Group Containers/

If I close the app and relaunch it crashes again until I’ve deleted that file.

I have done a full uninstall and reainstall. Same thing need to be done?

Any ideas please?

I suddenly have the same since today. deleted directory entirely, Re-installed the app multiple times but keeps crashing

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I have the same issue (app crash) just after MacOs has updated the companion app to version 2023.12. If I restore the app to previous version (2023.7) using time machine the app works fine… I assume it is something related to the new 2023.12 version. (I have MacOs Catalina 10.15.7 on an iMac 27 - end of 2012)

I have the same issue.running the companion on OS X 10.15.7

Same issue here. Just updated companion app on Mac and now it wont open. Same update works fine on iPhone. Tried reinstalling but didnt work.

Does not run on macOS 10.15.7:

2024-01-02 12:50:41.222 Home Assistant[65777:81614403] ASB: LNW <NSApplication: 0x7f8d1570e830> <NSStatusBarWindow: 0x7f8d13c44450> <NSNextStepFrame: 0x7f8d13c2fef0> (null)
2024-01-02 12:52:08.691 Home Assistant[65833:81622556] ASB: LNW <NSApplication: 0x7f9e52007130> <NSStatusBarWindow: 0x7f9e4f54a2c0> <NSNextStepFrame: 0x7f9e50f32910> (null)

I made the mistake of updating my Mac Pro 2013 with MacOS 11.7.10. Most annoying. How can we get back to the previous version?

Same here!, The companion app stopped working after an automatic update (same OSX)

Same problem. OSX updated last night and now companion app won’t load.

Deleted directory entirely as suggested earlier, reinstalling app from scratch after rebooting, etc, but still crashes.

Lost for ideas now.

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Having the same issue now on Mac OS Monterey 12.7.1 deleting the directory and reinstalling didnt help.

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Same here. Monterey 12.7.3 and HA app version 2024.1 (2024.535)

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Same. I’m on MacOS 12.5.

Just an update: You can download Testflight and download their Test Flight build. The issue seems to be Apple’s implementation of Matter/Thread in OS 13. This should fix the issue until HA releases a fix.

Another update:
I am running on MacOS 12.7.2. Companion App 2023.12.1 runs just fine.
Today the Appstore advertised an Update of the App. (2024.1) I installed it and it immediately crashes when I try to start it.
Fortunately I had a TM Backup from before, so I restored the app.