macOS Companion App Not Displaying Notifications

I just downloaded the macOS companion app and associated the notifications to HA. I can see it as a service (notify.mobile_app_macbook_pro). Yet, when I add a message and fire the service, nothing appears on the Mac. If I change the service to my iPhone, it works flawlessly.

I originally was trying to trigger the service from an automation, but then switched to Developer Tools to see if it was firing by itself and it’s not.

Has anyone else had this problem?

service: notify.mobile_app_macbook_pro
   message: test message
   title: test title

I also have notifications turned on in macOS for HA.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m at a loss.

The most likely issue here is that you’ve got multiple integrations for the same device, and the incorrect one is winning the notify name. You can confirm this in HA settings – look for the mobile_app integration. Do you have more than one for the device in question? It’s safe to delete all of them; the app will recreate.

Good thought! I had thought the same initially that there was maybe some conflict, but I have 4 unique devices in the mobile app integration. 2 different phones, a tablet, and my MacBook.