macOS usb path for nortek zigbee/zwave stick

Hey all.
So I’ve been running on a pi 3b+ for about a year and am beginning to see lag and REALLY slow restarts.
I have a mac mini that I’ve installed home assistant on via the terminal.
I’m sure many will tell me to “run Docker” or “set it up in a virtual environment”
I’m perfectly happy running it straight from the terminal. I’m not exceptionally skilled with linux or coding in general but I’m quite comfortable with writing my automations and such in home assistant.

So I have HA running on my mac mini and I have the Nortek zwave/zigbee stick. This is the setup I have for my pi and I’ve been quite happy with it’s performance.
I’m having an issue finding the USB path so HA knows where to find said stick. I’ve seen other folks setups but I don’t know how they found the path.

I’ve tried

none of them give me info that I need.

Anyone know a command that I can use to find this info?

Appreciate it.

Did you look in here?

This command in the terminal should do it
ls /dev/cu.usbmodem*

I have a Mac mini too and this is what my path looks like

  usb_path: /dev/cu.usbmodem14101

I’ll give it a try. Thanks so much.
I actually forgot about this post. Haha. I can’t believe it was only 11 days ago.

This command didn’t prove to do anything, but I used the terminal command

ls /dev

and it gave me a large list.
I found in the list:


Thanks for your help.

I tried that and it didn’t work. There was also


and those didn’t work either. (See the below post. These are actually the correct path)
I did notice in the zwave log that it tried to download the driver for the zwave stick and the download failed (Couldn’t find driver)

Anyone know how that should work?

I’m going to check other posts and see if anyone is using this stick with a macos straight install. If not, I’d like to see what others are using.

Okay. So I figured out what the problem was.


are the correct paths.
However, since I am migrating from my Pi, I just copied over from my config.yaml and changed from the path in the Pi to the above paths.
The problem with that is that the MacOS install is using the frontend as the default config and the integrations were still pointing to the Pi paths.

So upon deleting the zwave and zha integrations and reloading them via the frontend, I was able to put in the correct paths and devices are now able to be added!!!

So now here’s hoping I can just move the old stick and databases over to the mac mini so I don’t have to remove all my devices and re-add them…
Fingers crossed.