macOS Ventura-like interface possible for Lovelace?

I’m working on a macOS Ventura-like theme for Home Assistant. Having used the new Home app on my iPhone, I find it to be extremely easy to use and flexible. The long-scrolling page with all key entities is particularly useful, and the key fact is that it flexes based on Room, and not columns. So…you have a grouping of entities that are all part of a “Room” and then the grid will flex to new lines. This would be way preferred than the typical HA masonry setup.

Here’s a screenshot:

What I’m curious about is if anyone knows of a way that this could be done. I’ve been digging around into the front-end code and feel like perhaps the columns might make the setup inflexible. So far I’ve been able to use @piitaya’s lovely Mushroom Cards to make this work, but will need to go further to fully accomplish this.

I’ve also opened up an Issue on the Mushroom Cards repo to see about creating an actionable button, similar to the Home app’s > chevron that would jump to a specific page in Lovelace.

Any feedback would be super appreciated and helpful!