Made my floor heating unit “smart”

Hi All,

I thought it would be nice to share my little project on connecting my floor heating unit to home assistant through installing 2 zigbee temperature sensors.

My goals was to monitor and get insight the water inflow and outflow temperature of my floor heating system, this to eventually make it really smart through automations (didn’t have the time to).

I have installed 2 Owon THS 317-ET temperature sensors with probe (essential) on my floor heating system. To measure the water inflow i removed the analog temperature meter (you can just pull it out) and inserted the probe with some alu foil. To measure the outflow water temperature I took some pipe insulation and put the probe sensor on one of the pipe ends.

This now allows me to measure the relation between the water IN and OUT temp and the room temperature, this to optimize the settings in future.

Curious to hear any other ideas on how I could further utilize this setup.