Magenta TV Integration?

Hi there,
does anyone has running a Magenta TV receiver from Deutsche Telekom integrated in Home Assistant? As I can see, it should be possible. Some users have created a so called “binding” for OpenHab ( ). So in therory there must be a way. Unfortuntately I am not a programmer. I only can offer my capabilities of testing.

I would be interested in this as well.


Check this script written by the founder of the openhab integration:

This Shell Script includes everything you need to control the receiver.

in my tests not every try was successfull but it works =)

How can I use this script with home assistant? Sorry - I am rather new with the solution.



It would be great if someone … THX

Hi there!
I started on a custom integration but it is at a very very early stage.

You’ll need HACS to install it, as this is by far not ready to become an official integration.

Feel free to check it out at

Contributions are very welcome!

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