Magic Area Beta 3

After updating to the latest Homeassistant , my magic Area 2 stopped working properly.
So I made the update to 3.x
But I have no idea how to set the lights to turn on and off automatically…
I have a dark state … But the lights just don’t come on.

There are two motion sensors in one room …The Area also goes on and off - but lights stay off…

It would be great if someone could help me here …

I have installed the v3 beta. Configuration has to be re-entered from scratch but that is no biggee.

While my lights turn on in the conditions set in the setup screens, they do not turn off!

The conditions are: Living_Area_Low_Lux = on and the sleep mode is when night = on.

The first is set by a lux sensor and is turning on and off appropriately. The second by the Time of Day integration and again is correct when checked in the entities screen.

Do I really have to repeat my last post? If in doubt, follow the instructions here GitHub - jseidl/hass-magic_areas: Magic Areas custom_component for Home Assistant