Magic Home/ flux WS2811 LED strip not controllable in HA

I did buy a LED SPI controller and a WS2811 adressable LED strip.
I connected it to a Magic home app and is operating well.
Now I do try to connect it to HA and control it from there.
This operating a little.

I did add in my configuration.yaml:

  - platform: flux_led
    automatic_add: true
        name: flux_ledring1
        mode: "rgb"

After restart there is an entity: flux_ledring1
If I try to operate this in lovelace I can switch it on/of but giving errors:
“Nontype” object is not subscribtable

There is also no color wheel to chose a color, so I only can switch on/off very slowly reacting on changes.

I did try to make a small flow in NodeRED:

with data:

    "brightness_pct": "75",
    "rgb_color": [

The ledstrip is swiching on, but color only main color and giving an API error:

What Am I doing wrong?
Or How to control my Magic Home controlled adressable Ledstrip by HA?
Including effects?

Having the same problem…anyone?

I did make a ticket at Github

Hi I have the same problem.
Have you getting any solution ?

no solution so far.
I now use WLED instead