Magic Home LED Controller Setup

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I bought a few cheap WiFi controllable RGB LED strip controllers on amazon. These are not 2811 LEDs, these are dumb RGB strips. Is there a way to integrate the Magic Home controllers into HA?

I will advise you to break open the controllers and flash either tasmota or esphome on it. This will make them work with HA much much better and you will lose the constant callbacks to some chinese servers.

Don’t be afraid to solder a few wires (as that might sound daunting). But if I can do it (who has zero soldering skills) anyone can do it (really, it’s not a joke).

Trust me it will make those led strips function like a philips led strip!

I had nothing but issues with the FLUX component for these controllers in HA. I ended up flashing esphome.

Thanks. Is this something I can flash OTA with a windows or Mac computer?

unfortunately no it isnt. Magic home controllers need a USB2UART module and you need to get your soldering iron and flux out.

This is a good reference:


Thanks. I got them flashed with my FTDI adapter.

I tried to flash Magichome RGB Controller but the solder pad of RX and GPIO came out during soldering. Happened with Sonoff S26 socket as well where one solder pad came out during soldering. What am I doing wrong that solder pad comes off ?