Magic Home Pro switches

So I ordered some smart plugs on Aliexpress, thinking they would work with the Tuya/SmartLife integration that I am using with my other smart plugs. They arrived today, but unfortunately they seem to use a different app - Magic Home Pro. The description said SmartLife, but scrolling down it does say that it uses Smart Home Pro.

They work fine with the app, but I can’t find any other information on these switches. Ideally I’d love to get ESPHome flashed, but it looks like Tuya Convert may be out of the question with these. If I can’t get that to work, I would be happy if I could just control these from HA, but all I can find is an integration for LED strips that use Magic Home.

Does anyone know anything about these plugs, and how to get them to work with HA?

I realize this is old but it’s showing up high on a google search so I’ll add an answer for anyone else who is looking:

These work with the Magic Home / flux_led integration with 2021.11 and later.