Magic Home

I got this lamp I wanted her to work in hassio in the debian os, but nowhere in the integrations did I find a package for her. Is it possible to connect it without an application from the manufacturer on the local network?

@Aleksahek here took care of it GitHub - sahilchaddha/homebridge-magichome-platform: Homebridge Plugin for MagicHome LED Strips with Preset Scene Automation Support (Cycle Color/Fade/Strobe) I think knowledgeable people will just do it or not?

Try this integration, it should work:


Why doesn’t Flux LED/MagicLight show up in the list of integrations?


Having the same issue and can’t find the integration.

me too, why we can not see it?

@Herman2, @arjanhs, @danusko when you all say “doesn’t show in the list of integrations”, do you mean why doesn’t it show up here?

If so, the answer to that is at the bottom of that modal:

Not all integrations can be configured via the UI yet.
More are available on the Home Assistant website.

This is an example of one which is not UI-configurable. You have to follow the instructions Sasha linked above to configure it in YAML.

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The integration is going a config flow in 2021.11 which means it will be configurable in the UI.