Magic Mirror

Hi all, there is a lot of interest in wall mounted dashboard, but I am also interested in displaying my HA info on a Magic Mirror, see I got the HA demo page working in an iFrame, see my short post Has anyone else been down this route with MM,?


Server-sent events (like are a different approach or take a look at this blog post.


Better late than never! I got mine talking to Home Assistant entities using MQTT here Temperature from ESPEasy on bottom left via MQTT. If you add another instance of MMM-MQTT with a different topic in your config file, MM will simply stack the entities one of top of the other.


@fabaff Can you make a POC using MagicMirror module (
Please I want to integrate Magic Mirror and HASS! Please!

Hi did you run the MagicMirror on the same Raspberry Pi as your Home Assistant Instance?
I have installed and I am wondering if I could install the Magic Mirror server on the same device.

i made one for myself. runs on a pi zero W. just opens chromium in kiosk mode.

Did you use Magic Mirror?

I have been using Magicmirror and HA for almost a year. Everything works like a charm.

This picture is shot on summer, of course now I’m going to switch basic frontend to 3D floorplan.


Are you running MagicMirror and HomeAssistant on the same Raspberry Pi?

Yes, I attach pi behind the screen and mirror.

How have you integrated HASS in MagicMirror? It looks awesome!!

@cxlwill - would love to see how you got the badges displaying on the webpage - do you have a github we can see?

please share!

yeah a share would be great @cxlwill


I installed Magic Mirror on 2 docker containers.
Behind my mirror i have 2 Tablets with Wallpanel app which turn on tablet display on motion.

It’s sometimes easier to get tablets vs 1 screen and 1 RPI for that…

If you’re interested in … I could send my config files if you want.


anybody know where rthe best place is to get the magic mirror bit from in the UK?


So you have 1 container for each ‘part’ of the screen right?

yeah 1 container for each tablet

You can make your own:

Basic woodworking skills (and I do mean basic) required.

Semi-mirrored perspex can be got from Amazon, and then you just need an old monitor that you can probably get from your local charity shop, or eBay.

Oh, and you don’t need to go as crazy as the guy in the video did… :slight_smile:

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heya, can you share the set up on your magicmirror and also homeassistant?