Magic Packet and VLANs

Using a LG TV, the only way to switch it on is via a magic packet (WoL), so how can you handle this if HA is on one VLAN and the TV is on a IoT VLAN as the magic packet can’t traverse VLANs (apparently)

Unfortunately, WOL packets do not traverse a L3 interface. You have to be on the same VLAN.

You can traverse an L3 but you need to have a forwarder pointing to the subnet on the computer you want to use WOL for and make sure you use the same UDP port used by your WOL magic packet. You might need IP directed broadcast on your router to do it, it depends on the TV and how it implements WOL. You can try forwarding UDP ports 7 and 9 to see if that allows the packets through.

It all really relies on the hardware you use for your VLAN, the TV hardware and how you set up the VLAN(s).

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Thanks - I’m using a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and it seems that may be possible.