I purchased a couple of MagicHome Wifi controllers and configured them with HA using the documentation:

the documentation talks about 3 different modes:

Will add a light without the white mode:
      name: NAME
      mode: "rgb"

Will add a light with rgb+white mode (default). White and RGB channels can be adjusted independently using a slider and color picker respectively.
      name: NAME
      mode: "rgbw"

Will add a light with white mode only. This is useful when only W channel is connected to an RGBW controller and allows the white level to be controlled via brightness value.
      name: NAME
      mode: "w"

The problem I have is that my lights are CCT
meaning that they hare both WarmWhite and Cool White

My MagicHome Controller has RGBWW, the code above is only for RGBW, or W
How can I make it WW or CCT ?

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I have some of the same controllers and use it with my AEGool LED strips. RGBW should work ok. If I can recall you will get a second color wheel to control the white temperature, so it ‘should’ work with WW. However, I found it a bit fiddley to get just the right color temperature.

so HA deals with the controller pretty well, but it’s when I use it on my iphone via homekit, it’s as if it doens’t know how to handle the WW / CW.
It’s almost unusable.

@Mirai_Hayashi @Daniel-san Hey planning on using the same setup.

RGBCCT controller with only CCT LED strip.

Were you able to make it work with HA such that I only have a white color control in HA with temperature and brightness?

How do you like the controller integration and quality? Plan to only use with HA.

Can you turn on lights to a specific temperature/brightness?

Thanks in anticipation.

The controller isn’t that great.
HA aside, using the default App with Google home - it still doesn’t work right.

The Magic App works good. no complaints.

everything seems to work great for the RGB channels.

but my issue is with the WW and CW

if I ask ggl to set the brightness to X% it seems to set the . WW/CQ to 0% and the RGB to X%
which is dumb! because I have nothing there.

in the magicapp, you can configure if this controller is RGB, WW/CW or RGCWWC
I have 4 of these devices, 2 with WW/CW another is RGB and another with RGCWWC
and it jsut doesn’t know what to do with WWC… HomeKit/Google assistant doesn’t know how to deal with it.

I have a similar controller and it seems like the flux led component as well as Google Home doesn’t support RGBWW lights yet. I found a workaround in Home Assistant by setting rgb_color to 0,0,0, and using the white_value to control white brightness. The downside is the RGB LED’s are still on (just dim) and both cool and warm white LEDs turn on using white_value. Still haven’t figured out how to get just the true warm/cool whites to light.

Amazon Echo works the way you’d expect it to. She has 5 presets of white values but no color wheel. Hopefully, Google and Home Assistant get updated.

Any updates about this controller? I have one to and i don’t know if i need to search another one or stick wth MagicHome and wait :frowning:

Nevermind… I’ve flashed it with Tasmota and using all colors succesfully via mqtt :slight_smile:

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how did you do that

That’s awesome! How did you flash this controller with Tasmota? Link?

U had to solder to gpios. My version doesn’t have RX TX on pcb. After flashing tasmota there was some fun to set Proper gpios to proper colors. When i will be at home i will atach the screenshot for gpios set to proper color on tasmota.

@jedi87pl did you have any problems with colour mapping? I just flashed 3 of the RGB controllers with Tasmota, and the colours are all wrong, and I can’t get blue.

Color 1 should give red, but I get off
Color 2 should give green, but I get red
Color 3 should give blue, but I get green.

I’ve tried using a bunch of the SetOption37 commands to change the mapping in firmware, but haven’t been able to find any combination that gives blue.