Magichome devices work PERFECT with homeassistant (reflash this code with ESPHOME)

Has anybody seen a slightly different revision of board for these Magic Home devices?

I’ve got one controller like the one at the top of this thread, however I’ve purchased three more for under cupboard lighting in the kitchen and they board is slightly different.

Close up of the chip, which is obviously labelled differently as in my first controller this was an ESP8266:

Rear, pads appear to be in very similar places:

Front, notice “-E” at the board spec at the top, versus the standard “-A”.

Tried flashing one of them with ESPHome but no luck, was going to try a second one to rule out poor soldering etc but that’s when I noticed the differences so held off for now.
In the meantime I’m using the “flux_led” integration built into Home Assistant, but I’m not a fan of the delay in controlling.

Swap rx and tx pins and then try again

Worth a shot, will try this evening and report back. :+1:

No luck unfortunately, still won’t flash.

What error does flashing the esp throw?

That is no ESP8266! I have never seen the logo on that IC before, and number looks weird, and after a closer look the antenna signal isn’t even on the same pin as on an ESP8266.

See this as reference:

That explains it!
I did wonder if it was a different chip when I saw the different markings.

I purchased them from Amazon via this link:
WiFi LED Strip Controller Alexa RGB Tomshine

I should be able to return them, but will need to find some that are the correct controllers then.

Thanks for the help.

So went ahead and purchased these ones from Amazon:

Turns out they have same chip as my original purchase in…

So I’ll be returning them as well, at least it’s from Amazon so easy to return.

Not sure where to go now as I can’t see a way of confirming what version I’ll be purchasing.
Normally I’d order from Aliexpress, but returns are going to be near impossible.

Does anybody have any recommendations of where to purchase?

My next attempt looks to be these ones as in the reviews somebody has successfully flashed with ESPHome :man_shrugging:

I believe this is a new version using an ESP Chip. Also uses RF instead of IR for the remote.

It will be delivered tomorrow, so I will update you all.

I too bought one of those £8.69 ones. But it was the SmartChip Semiconductor Co S9070B.
I have also noticed WiFi devices shipping with Mediatek and RealTek chips. Again neither are compatible.

Even Sonoff have started to use other random chips.

Be very interested to hear what chip is in them once you’ve received :+1:

I have not flashed it yet, but the above linked Magichome does have an ESP chip and RF.

Has anyone had the following error when flashing it? It connects and writes code to it but at the end I get the following message.

MD5 of 0xFF is 36ed8c0cd10f63f644ac82d112d814ef

A fatal error occurred: MD5 of file does not match data in flash!

ESPHome config for the MagicHome RGBW-RF ZJ-WFMN-B v1.1 controller.
I have mapped some of the RF Remote buttons. I’ll do the rest later and update.
I have done it so the RF control is internal and not relying on HA, so it still works away from WiFi ect.

In case anyone is wondering this seller on AliExpress sells the ESP8285 (the right one) version of these in all the variants (RGB, RGBW, single color, etc). I bought from another seller after not having bought any of these for a while and also received the new “E” variant which is junk for me at this moment in time with the no name chip.

Did you happen to find a good place to purchase? I’ve tried two different controllers from Amazon and both came with the same chip as yours (ZJ-WFMN-E)

See @wills106 link above.
Ordered them and they worked a treat. :+1:

Sigh, UK only unfortunately. Back to the drawing board! Thanks for the reply

I too fell foul of these ZJ-WFMN-E devices. I tried the WOWLED model linked above but it’s the same junk. The product listings can’t be trusted because the item I received is different than the one pictured. Notice how the sticker should say “Output <= 144W”? The one I received has 2 lines of text stating power output.

I’m reluctant to buy the RF version as it differs quite a lot from the Tasmota documentation. I think I’ll grab an Arilux branded device from Banggood and cross my fingers for 2 weeks until it arrives.

Just wanted to update anyone finding this post. I received the Banggood Arilux SL-LC 03 today after only 8 days from China. I can confirm that it’s an ESP 8285 device with product code ZJ-WFMN-A V1.1 and has labelled solder pads on the reverse. I was wrong about identifying ESP devices from the 2 lines of text on the case sticker, as you’ll see in the photos.

S9070B Breaf & S70A-DNSB1 Datasheet V1.0

SRAM:288K Bytes
额定电压:3.3 V
待机电流:10uA(Deep Sleep)
固件升级:UART Download/OTA
频率:2400MHz至2484 MHz
模式:支持 STA/AP/P2P工作模式
灵敏度:-96 dBm (@11b 1Mbps)
温度:-40℃ - 85℃
封装:S9070A QFN32 5X5 (外置FLASH)
S9070B QFN32 5X5 (内置16Mbit FLASH)