MagicLight/Flux Ledstrip examples?

I’m looking for example configs for the MagicLight Ledstrip. I can switcht the ledstrip on and off thru HA but I’d like to add some other options like changing color etc.

Like on the light in the fronted to open the more-info box.
There you have access to change color and brightness

Thanks for the reply Daniel, I had already found that option. What I want to accomplish is add some automation rules (using the Xiaomi Cube) to change the color or dim the leds. For now I am able to toggle the ledstrip with the Xiaomi Cube.

So you should to look for general automation examples, and not specific to Flux light.

You can find some examples of how I use the Xiaomi Cube here:

Sorry for the confusion but I’m looking for the specific commands to set the color or dim the ledstrip (or use effects).

It is described in the documentation:

You will also find examples in my config, that I just linked to.