Maintaining two apps

Since the beta for v2 opened, I have used both the beta app and production app on my mobile to connect to two separate HA instances at different locations. With v2 now out of beta, does anyone know a good way to run separate instances on a single mobile device? (For a number of reasons, I don’t want to link the two different locations to a single HA instance. ).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I believe multi-instance support is on the wish-list for the future. The current beta still works for a while but will be closed. So in 86-ish days at the latest you will only habe one app…

Right. Maybe Robbie can keep pushing an update every 90 days to keep the beta alive.

Don’t get your hopes up. He’s already said he wouldn’t and that the beta would close shortly after release of the store app.

I have a real issue here. My grandma’s house is automated too (for safety) and our office now too. Already 3 different home assistants…

Vote here, maybe Robbie will hear that