Make a call from actionable notification

How can I have one of the message options in an actionable notification place a call?

Is this possible?

My actionable notifications are all working fine, I just can’t figure the make a call part using tel://123456789.

You don’t need a actionable notification for this. You can include links in the message field of you notification and then if you tap an hold the notification (with the device unlocked) the link will become clickable. See the guide here

Thank you, Tom. That’s a helpful link.

What I want to achieve is to tap on the Call Ash button in the actionable notification and have it place a call using tel://123456.

The button creates an event on the HA bus which can trigger an action but I can’t figure how to have that action occur on the phone rather than in HA.

I don’t think you’ll be able to do that. As you say the events are triggered on Hole Assistant. Best solution would be to put those numbers in as links in the message part. It might be possible to add this down the line

I was afraid that would be the response.

I thought that it may be possible to do that through the app but it seems not.

Thank you for your help.

Might be worth requesting this on the GitHub repo for the iOS app. I think this might be a possible addition.

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I have created the feature request for it on the iOS repo, since I’ve also been wanting this for quite some time. Used your screenshot and credited you as it was a great example of how this would be useful.

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The feature request seems to have been closed.

Has this now been added? If so, how is it used?

I wanted to resurrect this thread as I was under the impression that this feature had been added in the latest release. However, I’m still not seeing the expected behaviour of the actionable notification placing the call directly.

The issue raised by @SeanM has been closed, hence my assumption it was added as a feature.

What I see is the HA app opening and presenting a button to call and a button to cancel.

I expected the phone app to open directly and place the call without the HA app opening.

Here’s what I have:

- name: Main pump has stopped
  identifier: "main_pump_has_stopped"
      title: 'Cancel main pump alert?'
      activationMode: 'background'
      authenticationRequired: no
      destructive: yes
    - identifier: 'CALL_ASH'
      title: 'Call Ash'
      activationMode: 'background'
      authenticationRequired: no
      destructive: no

The ‘CALL_ASH’ identifier is then used as below:

- alias: 'Call Ash'
  initial_state: 'on'
    - platform: event
      event_type: ios.notification_action_fired
        actionName: CALL_ASH
    - service: notify.ALL_DEVICES
        title: "Call"
        message: "Ash on mobile?"
          url: tel://12345678

I can’t see that there’s much wrong with my yaml, maybe it’s just my expectation that’s incorrect.

I have ‘Confirm before opening URL’ tuned off and links set to open in Safari.

Please can someone confirm this?