Make a dumb doorbell smart with Shelly 1

Thanks Gerard, for the quick response. I will give that component a try, looks very promising.

Hi @gerard33 is it possible to use a sonoff mini instead of the shelly 1 ?

I don’t own a Sonoff mini so can’t answer that question for you.

@gerard33, just managed to get it working with the Shelly 1 and the latest ShellyForHASS. Thanks again.

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Hi Did this some time ago just had the button type on the shelly set to “Toggle” I also had it send Push notification to my iphone and Text to spech on my google home, I just need to set it back up as I moved it from a pi to a Docker container on my NAS

Finally got around doing this yesterday evening. Was done pretty fast. The most time it took looking for a 12V supply, luckily I had one laying around (I hope it wasn’t dedicated for something else…)

I Implemented it with MQTT (like I do for all my shellies). And I use the edge button type instead of the toggle. Probably both work.

Thanks again for this small tutorial :slight_smile:

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Yes you can:

However you need to wire the button to specific pins inside the sonoff. With the shelly these pins are on the outside.
If you use the outside pins of the sonoff you will put full grid power on the button (so 110V or 230V depending where you live). That is not advisable.

Thanks @gerard33, got it working! :slight_smile:

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Thnx very much for this! For a long time I was looking for an easy solution to add my dumb doorbell to HA.

My Shelly is getting very hot! Too hot to touch for 10 seconds. Is this the same at yours?

My shelly runs at approx the same as human body temp when switching a 100W load, 96F… so it should not be too hot to touch

How can you get the temp?

Normal temperature here. What type of adapter did you connect?

Its should be reported on the device listing of the integration as an entity, it is not shown on the shelly web interface

The Shelly 1 doesn’t report the temperature.

Looks like the power monitoring version does, that is all I have and they started reporting device temp since 0.118

The Shelly 1PM indeed has power monitoring and a temperature sensor.

This one from an obsolete router

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That one looks good. Are you able to connect another adapter however to compare?

Nope, and my Shelly died :frowning: I will buy a new one with a new adapter cause I already miss it right now! That should work better I suppose.