Make Alexa great again!

Hi guys,
I created a flow that is triggered by an Alexa routine that simply takes the data from one of my outdoor sensors and has Alexa tell the temperature. It actually works quite nice, however there is one thing bothering me: Using the “Alexa routine” node I have to define the echo device(s) on which the response is being broadcasted. What I actually would love to accomplish is to receive the answer on the echo device I was initially talking to (just as Alexa usually works). Anyone an idea how to make this happen?

I can’t tell what Alexa pallet you are using but this one has the ability to recognize which Alexa device heard you and perform the action in the room of that device:

For example, I can say “Alexa, it is hot in here” and if the Living Room Echo heard me, the Living Room Fan will turn on or if the Master Bedroom Echo heard me, the Master Bedroom Fan will turn on.

Sounds pretty much like what I´m looking for - I´ll have a go :slight_smile:

You will want to use the Alexa Event Node then select Command → Device Activity. Msg.payload.deviceSerialNumber will tell you which device heard you. Msg.payload.description.summary will tell you what Alexa heard you say.

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Worked perfectly fine - Thank you so much @Stephenn !