Make announcement with Alexa

I know how to get my Alexa devices to say the time:

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.zeide_bedroom
  media_content_id: time
  media_content_type: custom

But how, instead of time, can I get Alexa to say a custom statement like there is someone at the door ? (#)
(#) In the automation this would be triggered by a motion sensor.
(##) Currently I have this by using a Helper and in the Alexa App I created a Routine to act on that Helper. However, I am trying to achieve the same with a HA Automation, without a Alexa Routine.

How about:

service: notify.alexa_media_deck_alexa
    message: The i B B Q timer is finshed
    title: IBBQ Timer
       type: tts

This announces on my Alexa that my timer for my BBQ is finished. This one announces the start of every football game:

service: notify.alexa_media_deck_alexa
  message: >
    Gametime! {{state_attr(trigger.entity_id, 'opponent_name')}} versus
    {{state_attr(trigger.entity_id, 'team_name')}} 

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Great. That works. Thanks !!!

Side note for you … you can also send to an Android phone/tablet as in:

service: notify.mobile_app_kevin_phone
  message: "TTS"
    tts_text: "I am a message from Home Assistant!"
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