Make changes of /boot/config durable?

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Hello !
(excuse my english, I’m trying, I’m french !)

It’s my first post on this community, so please be tolerant ! :slight_smile: So far, i’ve found everything i needed on this amazing and complete forum, but this time i’m stucked.

I installed zwave network on HA and it’s working fine. I’m using a UZB1-ZME stick and I used this tutorial to make it work :

Si I edited the /boot/config file and added

But, I update HASSIOS and HA and I think this operation erased my modifications on this file. I’m scared of doing it at any update of the server.

Well, is there any operation I could do to avoid this problem ?

Thank you for your reply.


up ?
A new version is available. I’m scared :slight_smile:

Up again ?