Make door contact sensor into a doorbell device

Hello there!
I have an Aqara magnetic door sensor attached to my doorbell. The way the doorbell works is that there is a coil which is moving a metal rod against a piece of metal when someone presses the button.
I put the door sensor close to the coil so that it gets activated when the bell rings.

Now since it’s a door sensor, the state of it is always “open” until someone is ringing the door, then its “closed” as long as the button is pressed ( as long as the magnetic field is active), then back to “open”.

Is there a way to make something like a “virtual device” that is actually a door bell?
Which would react to the change of state from “open” to “close” of the door sensor and then trigger an event “doorbell has been rung”?

Not sure if that’s possible in Home assistant.
Thank you!

I’d imagine the entity is set up with device_class: door. You need to customize it to something else. See these two documents: