Make Garage opener smart (if possible)


I just want to make my garage a bit more smart. I want to open & close the door within home assistant.

I had the idea of doing the whole thing using RFLINK and was about to order the parts. But first I wanted to test whether I could simply “copy” the remote control. Using a borrowed Flipper Zero, I was able to record and play back the signal, but the gate remained closed. Only the normal remote control could open and close it.

I also noticed that no matter what command was given on the remote control, everything was on the same frequency. I think there must be something else that tells the door exactly what to do. Unfortunately, I have far too little knowledge about this.

I use a garage motor from Alutech (instructions attached). Is there a way to adjust the whole thing with RFLINK? Alternatively, a “hard wiring” using ESP would also be conceivable for me, as long as it does not have to be soldered to the circuit board or similar.

I hope you have a cool idea that makes my life a little easier :slight_smile:


Many thanks in advance

Probably a rolling code. The flipper might actually do this…

Alutech is not in the supported devices list:

And if it’s using a rolling code it wouldn’t be supported in the future neither.

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I don’t know about RFLINK.


You could do what many have done for Chamberlain: Get an extra remote, then use a dry relay with leads soldered to the remote’s button contacts.

You would need to add reed switches or tilt sensor to detect current open/close status.

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Just a thought:
If it’s a rolling code for the handheld remote, it still depends how your wired connection is set up; it might be included in the wall terminal (as it was in my previous opener) or it might not be, i.e. the wall terminal might just work as a straightforward momentary switch, providing a short connection between two contacts.

In my old house, I actually had so solder the relay contacts to the button in the wall terminal itself for it to work.

The current one allowed me to simply connect a relay between the two contacts that the wall terminal is connected to at the opener itself, with something similar to this:

I’m actually using a Wemos Mini D1 that also has the reed switch connected to it that I use as an open/close sensor - if I did it now (and not 5 years ago) I’d probably go the ESP route and use two standard Zigbee door sensors to detect the 4 states (open, closing, closed, opening).

The most important thing for me at the time was to NOT depend on any cloud solution - and it still is.

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Thank you guy’s for all the input. I’ll check what could be possible after taking a look into the opener, mounted at the ceiling and come back to you =)