Make HA a half decent music streaming co-ordinator

At The moment music handling within HA media is a dog’s breakfast with multiple problems

For starters we need the following obvious upgrades.

1/ A proper inbuilt music DLNA renderer that runs within HAOS allowing automatic queueing and automatic “next track” playback of albums. Also Gapless playback. All within the media tab of HAOS

2/ Ability to easily mount a USB share in HAOS (and see this in local media) so that media/music libraries can be managed and played directly off an attached USB drive.

3/Merging of the HACS “music assistant” for decent library management

This would avoid having to integrate expensive subscription based alternatives like Roon, JRiver, etc or use outside renderers like bubble, twonky etc …which often break and/or put undue load on networks. It would also allow merging of local music libraries and streaming services under the one HA “hood” and well as avoid flipping in and out and between the HA app and the other DLNA renderer and server/player apps all the time.

Comments very welcome and Happy 2023 everyone!

Let’s make HA rock as a music server and controller!