Make humidifiers show up the same as thermostat in lovelace


I have a humidifier with a built-in humidity sensor. The custom vesync integration shows that sensor as the current_humidity, the same climate entities shows current_temperature alongside temperature (which is the target temperature).
Would it be possible to have the humidifier card show the current humidity alongside the target, same as the thermostat card does? And in the entity history view, show the sensor as well as the target, again, same as a climate device? Although I can do some python, I don’t know anything about js and frontend, so I have no idea where to start, hence that feature request.
Hope someone can help,

Did you manage to figure it out? I just did. Just copied the example at the bottom of Generic hygrostat - Home Assistant to the configuration.yaml, changed the values to mine. restart HA. then you should be able to add a Humidifier card.

I got the same issue here with a generic thermostat that use a humidity sensor and a smart wall plug where a humidifier is connected. The history card for a generic humidifier only show Target humidity level in % and State (on or off) where the generic thermostat (or any thermostat, for that matter) show Target temperature in C/F, State (on or off) and current temperature in C/F.

This is the config in configuration.yaml:

    name: Humidificateur Bureau
    humidifier : switch.tplink2
    min_humidity: 25
    max_humidity: 60
    min_cycle_duration: 00:03:00
    dry_tolerance: 3
    wet_tolerance: 0
    target_sensor: sensor.bureau_humidite
    device_class: "humidifier"

And this is what the generic humidifier history looks like :

VS a generic thermostat history

I agree it’s not just this behavior that should be updated but also the full functionality of the card. It should work just like the generic thermostat in its layout. I would like to see the target humidity and actual humidity displayed like the thermostat card on its face. With a power button not clicking on the target humidity being the power button.