Make HX711 data public


We’re going to put some load cells and a Wemos D1 under a dedicated drink refrigerator to measure how much drinks are cold, so we will never be disappointed with an empty refrigerator (or warm beers). We succeeded to get the HX711 data to home assistant with ESPHome and we also created a sensor with a formula behind to calculate how much drinks are in there.

The only hard thing (for us) is to export the sensor-data to an external (public) website. So every drinker can see if he/she had to go there to put some drinks in the refrigerator before it’s too late (when COVID is over). The website where we want to show our data is already running. Is there anybody who has an idea how we can arrange that?

Thanks in advance!

You could use the usual ha frontend.

Or use the ha api to incorporate the data in a web page.