Make input_* uneditable in UI

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Dear all,

i am using input_number entities as internal variables, e.g. to track a numeric state over time that cannot be read directly. Although those helpers do have an “editable” attribute, changing it’s value to false in customization still allows changing their value in (autogenerated) lovelace UI.

Is there a way to make those helpers read-only for the UI while still allowing to set their value using services?

I use this:

You can restrict a whole card or just selected rows.

I have most of my restrictions set up to use a PIN, or check a “lock override” input boolean (that is also protected with a PIN). For quick adjustments I use the card/row PIN and they auto lock again after a short time but if I’m doing something more extensive I use the override switch that keeps them unlocked until I turn it off.

Thanks, but …

Use HACS or follow this guide

Always found my way around HACS, not only since the recent security findings. I’ll guess I go for a custom lovelace dashboard.

For the convenience HACS offers the risk is low but you can install it without hacs. You even included the link to the instructions yourself.

Understood, but still: I would need to disable automatic Lovelace, so I could also simply hide the input_number entity

You can have an auto generated dashboard and one you have taken control of.

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editable just relates to whether you can configure it in the UI. Even if that’s false - as is the case when you add them with YAML - you can still change the values in the UI.

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