Make Liberty ALM-2W Sump/Lift Pump Alarm WiFi Connected

I need help. I have a Liberty ALM-2W Lift Pump alarm. It is pretty simple. It has 120V power (US) and two wires from the secondary float. When the secondary float gets too high, it closes (or opens - I am not sure) the circuit and the alarm goes off. My goal is the place a Shelly or something in the box so that I can also get a notification in home assistant that the alarm is going off. What is the best/easiest solution?

Probably the simplest way would be one of these:

You connect up the Shelly power and switch and ignore the relay output.

It will create a binary sensor in Home Assistant that turns on when your axillary contacts close.


Connect 120 volts to the sw input on the Shelly 1 through the N/O contact on the lift station alarm. That way when the lift station goes into alarm mode the N/O contact will close and switch the Shelly to “on”. You can setup an automation for this status change.