Make light flash then return to original brightness

I set up a call button that sends me a notification on my phone when it’s pressed but those notifications are sometimes delayed a bit or I might not have my phone on me so I’m looking into alternative indicators.

My idea was to make my room lights flash (brighter or dimmer) but now I realize I have no idea how to do that or if it’s even possible. After flashing once or twice the lights should of course revert to their previous state. If they were off they should return to off.

If your light supports the flash option then you can use that, otherwise simply toggle it on/off as many times as you want with a ~2 second delay between each toggle.

Before flashing, create a snapshot scene that records the current state of the lights. After flashing, use the snapshot scene to restore the light’s original state.

That makes it so much easier. :+1: