Make Lights Fade on like Hue Bulbs

Is there a way to make a regular smart bulb fade on when it is turned on, like the hue bulbs, instead of just suddenly flashing on? I saw a few things about having the light slowly turn on in the morning or for slow fade times, but nothing for just make it fade on over ~1 sec when it is turned on in home assistant.

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You could try transition (also see Developer Tools → Services)

Example for a 30 seconds fade-in until full brightness:

service: light.turn_on
  entity_id: light.YOURLIGHT
  brightness: 254
  transition: 30 

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This seems to be a working method, I tested it over 30 seconds with the hue bulbs, but sadly it seems to be in compatible with Tuya based bulbs using the Tuya V2 integration, oh well. Thanks!!

I have guessed already that it depends on the particular lamp. :frowning: